Selected case studies

Our clients grow quicker and scale better

Delivering 46% more qualified leads with transformative paid search management

Increasing market share with multi-channel advertising

Growing sales by 43% with proprietary PPC automation

Boosting revenue by 151% with smart shopping and product feed optimisation

Growing high-quality pipeline opportunities by 283% with focused and imaginative B2B lead generation

Increasing sales by 138% with hyper-targeted paid social ads

A passion for paid search that borders on obsessive yet is refreshing and reassuring - particularly when coupled with a proactive and deeply inquisitive nature. Kwery's desire to succeed and outperform even their own goals is unlike any other agency we've ever encountered.

Matt Swanborough
Head of Marketing, 360Science

Strictly no jargon and no buzzwords, just strategies that work

for performance

Every month, we'll ask you one question: are we making you enough money?

And, whatever your answer, we'll constantly strive to take performance to the next level.

Turn your data into a valuable asset - and make sure you use every relevant signal, from user's behavior to CRM indicators to elevate performance.

Data you can depend on

The best practice is always what delivers the best results. The only right campaign structure is the one that's built to meet your specific business goals.

Bespoke implementation

Deploy the most appropriate tactics from our extensive toolkit - from ready-made tools for regression analysis to machine learning and Google-independent automation.

Proprietary technology

Trust us to keep you ahead of the relevant changes in paid advertising - not all betas make you money. If it's important for you, it's already on our radar.

Responsible innovation

We understand the risk you are taking with every penny invested in advertising. Your profits matter – not just revenue and ROAS.

Leveraging your investments



We'll get to know you, your business and your challenges. Upon evaluation, we'll both see if we're the right team to solve them.


With new strategies in place, you'll see the first incremental improvements in 2 to 4 months.



Nothing is ever good enough. With regular assessments, we'll constantly uncover new opportunities to deliver sustainable growth.

Your roadmap
to high performing PPC

to impact

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A business model that works for both of us

Premium value
at a radically fair price

Our PPC pros never manage more than two accounts - so you get the level of service you'd expect from an in-house team, without the cost and complexity of building one.

With more space to think, we design and implement bespoke advertising that truly fits your business. And delivers better results.

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